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We have transformed the humble light bulb into a range of world first products.
We have removed wires to create a new way of enhancing your space.
Change the way you can experience Music, Security, Wifi and Lighting Automation in your home or business.

It’s as easy as changing a light bulb.
Senglend, simply better living.

  • The Smart Security Camera

    Snap is a CES award-winning wireless security camera that allows you to monitor your property via your phone, from anywhere in the world. Snap is packed with world-leading technology, view 1080P HD live footage, customise your own detection zones.

  • Smart Control + Automation

    Every light in your house, can now be a smart light. Choose from our range of smart downlights, outdoor lights and pendant lights to create your smart home today. Control up to 64 globes per hub, set scenes, customise your perfect colour temperate in each room and monitor your energy bill.

  • The Smart Sound System

    Pulse is your answer to a loud and clear high fidelity sound system. Long lasting LED lights + JBL Bluetooth speakers cleverly combined to produce a reliable and adaptable system that works with your existing light fittings.

  • LED+ Added Features

    Think standard LED light + an added feature. This range is designed to make your life that little bit easier with clever functions build into each product. Battery backup, delayed turn off, indoor and outdoor sensors and colour temperature change.