LED + Added features

Think standard LED light + an added feature. This range is designed to make your life that little bit easier with clever functions build into each product. Battery backup, delayed turn off, indoor and outdoor sensors and colour temperature change. No APP required, just switch your existing light bulb to one of our feature lights and enjoy the benefits of simple, smart lighting.

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  • WiFi-Extender-WiFi-Repeater-Wifi-Booster-LED-Bulb-Sengled-Boost


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  • LED-Bulb-With-Battery-Sengled-Everybright


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  • Lifetime-Smart-Light-LED-Bulb-Sengled


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  • Affordable-colour-change-light-bulb-sengled-mood


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  • Sengled Paint GU10

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  • Energy-Efficient-Dim-LED-Light-Sengled-Twilight


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  • Motion-Sensing-LED-Light-Bulb-Sengled-Smart-Sense

    Smart Sense

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  • Smart Sense

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Showing all 8 results