Amazon Alexa

Getting Started Is Easy

Element gives you the flexibility to control your lights the way you want, from an app or with your voice. Connect your hub to your home WiFi network then follow the instructions inside the Alexa app.

With simple commands, you can turn the lights on and off, dim and brighten, and choose colors and ambiance.

Get started with Sengled Element and Amazon Alexa.

Using Element and Amazon Alexa Together

Say Commands for Hands Free Lighting

“Alexa, turn on bedroom lights”
Turn the lights on and off.
“Alexa, set kitchen to 100%”
Brighten or dim based on activity.
“Alexa, set office to daylight”
Set the perfect mood in each room.
How does it work?

Connect Amazon Alexa devices to a compatible hub.

Starter Kits

Compatible Element Products


Element Classic Starter Kit



Element Plus Starter Kit



Element PAR38



Element Downlight