Element Classic



The best value Zigbee Smart Home kit to get your stared.

The Sengled hub is super easy to set up and means when you want to convert your home to a complete smart home you are ready to go.  Each hub controls up to 64 lights, sensors, downlights and other smart products without slowing and overloading your Wi-Fi, and you get up to 100 meters range

The smarter, safer home security system

The Element Classic is more than just a light. It’s a fail-safe security system that lets you illuminate your home remotely – anytime and from absolutely anywhere.

So you can turn your lights on whenever you want, making it look like you’re inside when you’re really miles away. All the while saving some hard-earnt cash on your energy bills.

Switch on safety

Home automation made easy, the wireless central Element hub can be placed anywhere in your home that has Wi-Fi coverage. Allowing you to schedule, dim and turn your bulbs on/off (and more) via the easy to use Element app or voice control.

Welcome to the future of lighting.

Key Features

Works with Google Home and Amazon Echo

Control up to 64 lights remotely via your smart device

Easy to set up

Element Classic Kit contains 2 Element Classic bulbs and an Element hub

Voice Control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Smart Schedule your lights from your SMART device through the FREE Sengled App

Added Security: Make it look like your at home while your away

Track Energy: Monitor your home energy savings via the App

Element app available for iOS and Android

*Requires Sengled app

*Sengled hub included


Additional information

Additional information


E27 Screw, B22 Pin