Sengled Element Door/Window Sensor (2-Pack)


This ZigBee sensors simply sticks to your door or window with no wiring needed.   Using the Sengled Hub or Amazon and Smart Things hub you can be sure your home is safe.


The sensor can trigger lights to come on, to alert you on your smart phone or even turn the TV on!


Use the Sengled Smart Window & Door Sensor to make sure that your home is just the way you left it. Install it on any door jamb or window frame and check the app to see if it’s still shut when you’re away from home. Automate your lights based on if the door or window is open or shut or use the Sengled Home app (iOS/Android) to have the lights turn on as soon as the front door opens.

  • Zigbee technology allows you to put these sensors all through the home at up to 100 meters coverage without slowing the WIFI.
  • Be alerted when your door or window is opened in you are not at home.
  • Use the sensor to turn on lights to scare away criminals when it is triggered.
  • Works with Google and Amazon.

*Requires Sengled Hub

*Connect Window and door sensor to Sengled Home app

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