Element Hub

  • App and Voice Controlled Smart Lighting

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Control Element lighting from anywhere at anytime. Schedule scenes based on timing, brightness and colour temperature. View live and historic energy consumption statistics. Control Sengled Element bulbs via local Wi-Fi network or Sengled cloud Track and report number of power cycles and usage hours.

  • Connect up to 64 lights, sensors, strip light, downlights, smart light switches via the Sengled HOME App.
  • Enjoy the long-range distance up to 100 meters wireless control for indoor and outdoor
  • Reduce clutter on your home WIFI by using a ZigBee HUB.
  • Voice Control and set smart schedules.

*connect your Sengled hub to Sengled home app

Tech Specification

Tech Specification

  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Zigbee Hub gives up to 100 meters wireless range and can connect 64 smart products per hub
  • Zigbee Hub does NOT clog and slow your WIFI network
  • Zigbee Hubs allow you to control outdoor lighting, sensors, downlights, outdoor LED strip light and even light switches given its 100 meters range that WIFI does not offer.
  • Super easy set up for any home users with the ability to use multiple hubs one the one Sengled account.





Manuals & Data Sheet

Manual & Data Sheet