Element Classic Single


The smarter home lighting that won’t slow your WIFI and has incredible distance between lights….

The Elements Classic uses superior ZigBee technology making it more than just a light.  It is a voice activated, smart light that adds security and automation to your home as easy as changing a lighting bulb.

You can add it to the extended Sengled range to make light turns on automatically when doors open, and motion is detected in the front of backyard.

Zigbee technology using the easy to set up Sengled Hub doesn’t overload your home WIFI network, thus making it a smarter option for smart lights.

The details:
• Works with Google Home and Amazon Echo
• Control up to 64 lights remotely via your smart device
• Easy to set up
• Sengled home app available for iOS and Android/ul

*Requires Sengled Element hub

*Requires Sengled home app



Additional information

Additional information


E27 Screw, B22 Pin