Pulse FAQ's

Do I need to use the Pulse app to control lighting on the Pulse?

Yes, the Pulse app is required to control the lighting of the Pulse bulbs.

Is the Pulse system ran on Bluetooth or WiFi?

Pulse is ran via Bluetooth

Can I control Pulse with multiple smart devices simultaneously?

Since Bluetooth technology only allows one connection at a time, Pulse bulbs can only be controlled by one smart device at a time.

How many Pulse bulbs can I use at one time?

The Pulse system works using one Master bulb ( included in stater pack and is not sold on it own) and up to 7 satellites.

What kind of speaker is in the Pulse bulb?

All Sengled music products use premium quality JBL speakers.

Can I connect Pulse with Pulse Solo?

No, Pulse Solo works on its own and cannot be connected to any other product including Pulse Master, Pulse Satellites and Link.

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