Pulse Solo FAQ's

Does Pulse Solo use Bluetooth or WiFi?

Pulse Solo is ran via Bluetooth.

Do Pulse and Solo bulbs work together?

No, Pulse bulbs and Solo bulbs cannot be used together in the same system. Although both types of bulb are controlled via the Pulse app.

Do I need to use the Pulse app to control lighting on the Solo?

Yes, the Pulse app is required to control the lighting on the Solo.

Can I connect the Solo to my TV, home stereo, laptop, or other non iOS or Android devices?

If you are looking to connect a TV, home stereo or laptop to Solo bulbs, please check out our Pulse Link + Pulse Satellites.

Can I play music from two Solo bulbs simultaneously with a single smart device?

Since Bluetooth technology only allows one connection at a time, a Solo bulb can only be used as a standalone device.

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