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Sengled Snap: Your New Security Buddy

In today’s world, it’s been a major issue for every
individual about the security of their family and house. To this situation
there are many options available in the market like the CCTV, detectors etc. But
people find them very complicated and total mess from installation to

To overcome this condition, Sengled engineers has
handcrafted a combination of technology in an ecofriendly manner.  Sengled have brought “Snap” a led bulb
embedded with an HD security camera in it.

The best part of this is led is that you can install it in just 3 easy steps.

1. Plug in the bulb into the socket.

2. Download the app.

3. Customize your requirement

And done!!!

Now you can keep an eye on home, even though you are not
there, anytime anywhere.

Let’s dive into the features of Snap more deeply

  1. Appearance: Snap just looks like any normal led
    bulb which fits in any ordinary socket available at home.
  2. Setup: The best part of Snap is the most
    hassle-free setup – just plug, download and customize.
  3. Storage: Sengled offers unlimited cloud storage
    option with snap. So you can get ample space to store all your recordings for
    longer period of time.
  4. Light Control: You can control the brightness of
    Snap at your fingertips through the app. Tailor according to your needs and
    enjoy the best of the features.
  5. Accessibility: You can access the camera into
    your devices and stay constantly connected even though you are away from your
  6. App: With the app you can customize various
    components of Snap.
  7. Motion Detection: Snap comes with the most
    advance feature of motion detection. It distinguishes even minor movement and
    captures them.
  8. Night Vision: Led camera is well equipped with
    the night vision feature, so you can have the best experience at any point of
    time in a day.
  9. Intercom: Sengled allows 2-way communication
    through intercom. You can directly connect with person in the area where Snap
    is installed.
  10. Camera Quality: Snap consists of the 1080 HD
    quality of recording and streaming.