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Sengled Boost: Your Own Wi-Fi Booster

sengled boost

Its a common scenario with us that we need to switch the rooms due to poor signals of the Wi-Fi connections in some particular areas of the house. Of course, there is a very simple solution to it “Wi-Fi extenders”. Let’s make this solution a bit differently with Sengled. Sengled is a smart lighting devices company which delivers the LED bulbs in a very unique style like an inbuilt security camera, speakers etc. Similarly, for an extender, it has a LED bulb inbuilt with the Wi-Fi extenders known as Sengled Boost.

Sengled Boost is an LED bulb integrated with Wi-Fi extender which extends your Wi-Fi connection up to 100 feet. This Boost is wireless and compatible with the existing bulb fittings so no need of any more changes required. So not only Sengled Boost makes your home lighting smart but also make your poor or dead connection rooms as any other place in your home with high speed Wi-Fi. Also, the bulb is incorporated with the features like on/off and dimming down the light on your fingertips through the app within.
The setup of Sengled Boost just includes simple steps –

  1. Screwup the bulb in the ordinary sockets without any hassle of the wires
  2. Install the app from app store on your mobile device and connect it with the Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the high speed of internet connection from part of the house.
    Let’s get down into the technical specifications of Sengled Boost. This LED bulb fits into any ordinary bulb socket, going into specific details
  4. Power Consumption: 9W (rated Peak)
  5. Wattage: 8W LED + 1W Wi-Fi Booster
  6. Light: 550 lumens, 3000K Warm White – dimmable
  7. 240V power from your existing E27(ES/Screw) or B22(BC/Twist) light fitting OR GU10 240V
  8. Downlight Fitting
  9. Turn ANY light fitting into a Wi-Fi booster
  10. Simply twist or screw into any existing E27 (screw) or B22 (twist/bayoneted)
  11. Push & Twist in GU10 240V Downlight
  12. Integrated Wi-Fi booster and LED Light controlled with BLUETOOTH app
  13. Wirelessly connect BOOST from any Bluetooth-enabled device to your own Wi-Fi signal and extend the range of your Wi-Fi 10M
  14. Download Pulse iOS/Android App provides for complete control over light

Still having a doubt regarding the price due to the long list of features and specifications?
Don’t need to, Sengled does not compromise its quality for the pricing. Get your own Sengled Boost with a discounted price of $99 for a limited period of time.

Also get a detailed manual for Installation Instructions, QuickStart Guide and Warranty Manual all under one click.