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Operate Your Lights, Music, and Security On Your Fingertips

Operate Your Lights, Music, and Security on your Fingertips

One of the many reasons people absolutely love the latest gadgets and technology in general is because of the convenience it affords them. People don’t want to waste their time and energy doing menial tasks and would much prefer it if they have an automated system that could control their surroundings for them. The advent of 5G technology has led to a whole host of smart devices, you Tv, refrigerator, washing machine, and even your fridge. Although not as sophisticated as the items mentioned previously the smart lights from Sengled do a pretty good job of making sure your home is the smartest on the block. Let’s find out how.

Sengled Pulse Solo

One of the most popular items on sale at the Sengled LED store is the Sengled Pulse Solo. It is a LED light with a built in JBL speaker. It has a high fidelity JBL speaker built into the casing of the light which let’s you illuminate your surrounding while having the ability to control the music and entertainment system in your home. The Sengled Pulse Solo Australia also has a connected version called the Sengled Satellite which lets you connect 4 Sengled Pulse Solo LED light bulbs to a single hub to ensure you have a surround sound music system that you can without having to move an inch.

Sengled Snap

Another exciting product innovation that the team at Sengled Australia have is the Sengled Snap. It is the only product you will ever need to control the security of your home. A wide angle camera that delivers HD quality video directly to your phone whenever you need means you’ll never worry about having to hire a house sitter again. The Sengled Snap also provides the user with the ability for two way communication. If you’re ever in the need to communicate with someone in the home while you’re away you can use the Snap like a broadcast system and inform your guest about their needs. The Sengled Snap Australia also provides you the choice of having all your recordings sent directly to the cloud so you don’t have to waste the precious space in your phone.

Sengled Element, Sengled Mood

Another nifty feature present in most smart LED lighting systems from Sengled is the ability to control the lights from the palm of your hand. The Sengled Element and Sengled Mood Australia have easy access features that can be used via the Sengled App. Not only can you turn the lights on and off at will from your phone, you can also control the amount of energy it is consuming. You can turn the brightness level of the lamps to ensure that you don’t have to consume a lot of electricity when you don’t need to. This provides you with a lot of convenience and the Sengled LED light bulbs also end up saving you a lot of money when you use it correctly.

The Sengled Mood can also be used as a emotion setter for dinner partied, romantic evenings with your partners, or more.

No matter what convenience you’re looking for, you can be sure that the Sengled Smart LED lights will have a solution. If you need additional details about how best the Smart Sengled Lights can help you, you should speak to one of our experts. Just get on the phone today and be ready for a real revolution in smart lighting and improve your quality of life.