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Get Your Home Ready For Christmas with Sengled

Sengled Christmas Home

Christmas is just a few days away but the preparations have already been started in every corner around the world. People are wrapping their work before the winter vacation to enjoy the festival and the new year together. There are multiple preparations going on like decorating the house, choosing the gifts, selecting the perfect vacation destination and many of them. Not for another task but for decorating the house and making it Christmas ready Sengled can surely help you.

Voice Command – Sengled has designed the smart lights bulbs which operate on your voice commands. The lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and iControl. For instance, Element Classic, a smart bulb with multiple features inbuilt in it. This bulb is the world’s first carbon neutral light bulb, that means a step towards protecting our environment. Element Classic can be scheduled and it will turn on that at the time and also the brightness can be controlled all by your smartphone. When you are back after the shopping of your Christmas party, just turn on the lights from your phone before entering the home. Also, you can track the usage of the light.

Stay Fresh – The daylight tends to keep us more energetic and fresher instead of dark and cold winters nights. With Sengled you can feel the same warmth and fresh atmosphere within your house that to at any point in time. With Sengled Mood, you could experience the warm light and also cool white light from a single LED light bulb. There is no requirement of even Mobile app to change the light effect, just the flick is enough. Now you can stay fresh and warm in your home even in the chilling winters outside.

Backup Light What if you are all set into the preparations for your Christmas party and suddenly there is a power cut off, Sengled Everbright is here for the rescue. Everbright activates the emergency lights which last for approx. 3.5 hours after the power is turned off. You can also hold the bulb like and torch and take it with you wherever you want. This won’t give a pause to your joyful moments with your family and friends.

Christmas Party – Now you can create your home into a dance floor with Sengled Pulse. This is an LED light bulb incorporated with the JBL speakers. Just fit the bulb into the ordinary socket and switch it on, you can control the brightness and also stream the songs you like. You can connect multiple bulbs to the main and create a party-ready dance floor with brightening lights and crystal-clear sound for your guest during the Christmas party.

Home Security – When you are out for the winter vacation at your favorite destination, don’t always get worried about the home security all the time. Now you set a light bulb inbuilt with a security camera, Sengled Snap. This is a smart security camera which consists of multiple features like motion alerts, live scheduling and playback, infrared night vision and 2-way intercom functionality. Now you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere and anytime making your vacations tension free.