Can I add multiple hubs to the same account? If so, how many?

Yes, you can. The number of hubs you may add to your account is limited by the number of devices that your router can support. However, realistically in real-world applications, you will never be limited by the number of bulbs you can add.

How many bulbs can I add to each hub?

Each hub can support up to a maximum of 50 bulbs.

Can multiple devices control the Element bulbs simultaneously?

Yes, multiple devices may be used to control the bulbs at the same time, but each user must be signed into the same Sengled Element account.

How should I turn off the bulbs? Should I turn them off via the wall switch or via the app?

It is best to leave the bulbs connected to a power source at all times and to turn them off via the app. That is to say, it is best to leave your wall switch in the “ON” position.

How do I reset the Element hub?

1. Ensure that the hub has been removed from any previous Sengled Element accounts. If the hub is still associated with an account, navigate to the device tab, then delete the hub in question.

2. If there is an Ethernet cable attached to the hub, remove the cable from the hub. If not, continue on to the next step.

3. Power off the hub and then power it back on and wait 30 seconds. Then press and hold the reset button on the side of the hub for 8 seconds (you may use a pen or pencil to do this if it is easier). Please note, you must wait 30 seconds or it may not reset properly.

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